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DS GROUP Sai charan infra - tree plantation project

Sirijam, Visakhapatnam, Andhra PradeshShow Map - 26 Jul, 2019


A 100 acre Mega Farm Land Project with Tree Plantations
Located at Thattabanda Village, Ravikamatam Mandal, Visakhapatnam Dt AP
Thattabanda can be accessed in 3 major roads :
ONE : Vizag-Sabbavaram-Venkannapalem Jn - Chodavaram-Vaddadi-Ravikamatam-Thattabanda
TWO : Vizag-Anakapalli-Rajam-Vaddadi-Thattabanda
THREE : Vizag-Anakapalli-Kasimkota-Thallapalem-Kannurupalem-Thattabanda
About the PROJECT :
DS Group Estates is a Farm Land Project with Tree plantations (Coconut & malbari neem)
Sizes : 605 yards(few plots), 1210 yards
PRICE : Rs 1000 per square yard
After purchase and land registration, company will provide pattadar pass book
1 unit = ΒΌ acre
Each unit will plant 100 mallbar neems trees and also 20 cocoanut trees
After 5 years mallbarineem will give returns
Each tree will yield 2 tones wood after 6 years
Wood is preparabale for furniture and plywood industries, construction also
At present cost as per market value per tone rs.10000/-
Each tree will give 2 tones* 10000=20000 (It may be increase after 6 years).
In quarter acra after 6 years 100*20000 around 2000000
Company will share 50% of income will go to the company belongs to company(As the company will take responsibility for the maintenance of the malbari neem only)
Customer will be benefited after 6 years around 10 lakhs. During the 6 years no expenditure will be collected
Total expenses born by the company for which they will take 50% of the returns.

Flat No:510,Block "A",

Sai Narsimha Arena,Kurmannapalem,

Adj. to Agnampudi toll plaza,


Tara Alimunisha


Sirijam, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh

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