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South Delhi, Delhi - 30 Jun, 2020


You put an immense amount of hard work into writing a book. Being a leading book publisher in India, Blue Pencil Publishers helps you turn it into a professional, beautiful, and present it to the world. Print on Demand service we offer is the way it should be, very easy setup, hassle-free working, 24x7 support, full control, no inventory management, world-wide distribution.

Editing, design, Printing, and distribution. All that requires to put your best work forward.

Print on Demand
No minimum order quality required. You can print as per your need, from 1 copy to 1000 copies. We will give you a new copy each and every time.

Ready to Self-Publish Your Book
Edit, format the book, design the cover, upload the book, and sell on Blue Pencil Publisher website. Distribute through Amazon, Flipkart and Blue Pencil Online Store.

Get started with Kindle Direct Publishing to make your book available to anyone with a smartphone, e-reader, or tablet.

Do you want to try our POD service?
Click Here https://www.bluepencilpublishers.com/

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