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Inbound or Outbound Marketing? That is the question!

Pune, Maharashtra - 23 Apr, 2018
  • Inbound or Outbound Marketing? That is the question!


Outbound marketing is so called because it involves sending the message out, far and wide, hoping it will find and resonate with the desired customer. Traditional advertising such as billboards, TV/radio commercials, newspaper/magazine ads, trade shows, cold calling, direct mail, pop-up ads – they’re all examples of Outbound marketing.

Outbound marketing is an expensive marketing model; one which has become increasingly unpopular in the last decade. The average customer is saturated with the constant bombardment of outbound messages that interrupt daily life. Consumer’s mute TV commercials, ‘spam’ emails, ignore pop-up ads and are put off by ‘hard selling’. No wonder outbound marketing is also called Interruption Marketing!

But that doesn’t mean that outbound marketing has no relevance today. Depending on the product, customer, market and objective, some types of outbound marketing continue to be effective. For example, for spreading awareness to a really wide audience, TV commercials definitely create a buzz, and for B2B companies, trade shows and emails are an effective way of qualified lead generation.

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