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Pune, Maharashtra - 08 Sep, 2018
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Subject - Are you an Engineer too ? Then let's connect together.

Engineersconnect -
Connecting all the Engineers like you.
Sign up with engineers connect and get to know engineers from all over the country. You might get to see your college friends here.
And just like other hundreds of Engineers, know your true potential and be the one to get hired.
So , Sign up and generate your profile ID and use it for all the job opportunities, study materials , pdfs , exams , help your friends and much more.
Perform various activities, generate your points and get noticed by the recruiter for the same .
We at EC mainly consider your practical knowledge by considering your help and other activities which is recognised by recruiters, which can help u get placed as well as get good opportunities.
So Students like you, get hired here for their unique and best talent and
grades are no more the only old option to get the best job.
So why waiting ?
Sign up, know all your qualities, help your friends and get hired for the same.
So if you are an Engineer , we will surely meet on Engineers connect.


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