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Rice DDGS Suppliers, Rice DDGS Manufacturers

Panchkula, Haryana - 28 Mar, 2018
  • Rice DDGS Suppliers, Rice DDGS Manufacturers


Prorich Agro Foods is the leading Rice DDGS, Corn DDGS suppliers and Corn gluten meal manufacturers in India. Corn gluten meal also is known as maize gluten meal, Corn Gluten Meal is an efficiently digestible product having the energy value of ME 4131K Cal/kg and hence used widely as poultry meal for Chickens, Broiler, Laying hens etc. It is an excellent source of Vitamins and Minerals, high in methionine and competent source of Xanthophylls, which are considered essential for their skin and yoke pigmentation. Inquire now for corn DDGS suppliers, maize gluten manufacturers here +91 8146661393.

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