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Rail Inspection Made Easy and Perfect

Wazirpur Industrial Area, North West Delhi, DelhiShow Map - 07 Oct, 2019


Trail track inspection has to be made in time to find cracks and dislocations. It is an important task and is the reason why railway companies and contractors look for the best in rail inspection solutions including advanced track inspection vehicles and equipment. Premnathrail.com is one of the leading companies to depend to get the best in rail inspection vehicles.

The vehicle comes with a comfortable seating capacity for 5 passengers. Testing equipment like gauge testing equipment, ultrasonic flaw detectors, and other equipment can be easily attached inside the cabin. Have a look at the demo of the rail inspection vehicle at Premnathrail.com.

For more details, call 919811011680 or write to info@premnathrail.com website: https://www.premnathrail.com


Wazirpur Industrial Area, North West Delhi, Delhi

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