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Cloud Infrastructure Services in Malaysia

#55-11, The Boulevard Office, Mid Valley, 59200 Kuala Lumpur., Nicobar, Andaman and Nicobar 59200 - 03 Jun, 2021


Cloud Infrastructure Services in Malaysia is the use of off-site systems to help computers store, manage, process, and/or communicate information. These off-site systems are hosted on the cloud (or the internet) instead of on your computer or other local storage. They can encompass anything from email servers to software programs, data storage, or even increasing your computer’s processing power. The “cloud” is a term that simply means “the internet.” Computing involves the infrastructures and systems that allow a computer to run and build, deploy, or interact with information. In cloud computing, this means that instead of hosting infrastructure, systems, or applications on your hard drive or an on-site server, you’re hosting it on virtual/online servers that connect to your computer through secure networks. Cloud computing is the use of hardware or software off-site that is accessed over networks for computing needs. Examples of cloud computing depend on the type of cloud computing services being provided.

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