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Transactional bulk SMS service

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Transactional bulk SMS service renders a more confined service for premium industry types, hence it cannot be put to use for promotion of business in general. Messages are permitted to be sent only through pre-approved templates. It also has a defined set of characters and alphabets. These messages are also sent to DND(Do Not Disturb) numbers mandatorily, since they are not promotional messages. Transactional bulk SMS service is applicable 24*7. It works on a template basis, with 75 percent of static content and 25 percent of variables. Defined registered businesses possesses the liberty to know about transactional messages rights. Transactional bulk SMS service in India is rendered for an effective and interactive communication with potential customers. Only classified personal information are sent through these messages. Information which is sent through transactional mode are primarily confidential. It chiefly covers health and hospitals, hospitality industry, banks, e-commerce and transport, comprising air, water and road transport. Banks constitute the highest client database for transactional bulk SMS service in India.

For a company, transactional bulk SMS is a medium to maintain communication with its customers. When a company sends transactional bulk SMS, it essentially creates an informed image of its own. The importance of transactional bulk SMS is rising day by day. One of the biggest advantage of using transactional SMSs is that quality information can be delivered timely to the customers, without any further delay. This comes handy when urgent immediate information needs to be sent to the clients.


Connaught Place, New Delhi, Delhi

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