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Paraphilias check with sexual tendencies that square measure abnormal, together with arousal towards sure objects, things or people that might preferably be classified as on the far side human tendency. Knowing the causes and treatment of paraphilias is important if you're to induce facilitate for a beloved World Health Organization has these tendencies. In most cases, the underlying causes could explain why a particular tendency exists, and this can help deal with the overall condition.


Relationships in early life have a lot to do with paraphilia. Cases of physical and sexual abuse are known to form outlets in different ways and to cause a distortion of perception and thinking. In some cases, these life experiences and relationships, especially when the perpetrators are close family members, can cause a person to develop different types of paraphilias. While most paraphilias are associated with men, a growing number of women too have begun to come to the fore with these conditions.


In many cases, paraphilia is triggered by traumatic or life-changing events in a person's life. It is unknown as to the exact nature of the types of events that might cause paraphilias. However, in some cases, events that occurred as the person was becoming more sexually aware could all add up with lead to specific types of paraphilias. While biological components exists, there needs to be a trigger or an event that brought these tendencies to the fore and made it come alive.

Medications For Paraphilias

The use of certain types of medication has been of great help in decreasing paraphiliac behaviour. In some cases, medication that reduces testosterone has been helpful in reducing sex drive and reducing this behaviour. When sex drive reduces, the desire to find an outlet for sexual tendencies towards atypical objects or people reduces drastically. This, however, needs to be monitored as it does not cure paraphilia, but rather just suppresses it.

Cognitive Behavioural Treatments

Cognitive behavioural treatments in conjunction with medications can help deal with paraphilias. Apart from biological causes, since life events and relationship have also played a major role in developing these tendencies, cognitive behavioural treatments will go a long way in getting to the root of the problem, especially if it happens to have drastic emotional impacts on the person. Helping him or her identify and cope with these feelings has known to be of help.

Intense Therapies

In some cases, intense therapies such as aversive therapies are used to treat paraphilias. This includes pairing arousal as a result of the deviant fantasy, along with something that is unpleasant such as obnoxious smells or maybe a mild electric shock. This works to conditioning the person to get an aversion to wishing to satiate these fantasies and to get them under control. Their mind, by default, begins to get a revulsion to satisfying these deviant fantasies.

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