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New Delhi, Delhi - 13 Sep, 2019


Tattoos are very common these days. But, at times it happens that after getting a permanent tattoo people start regretting it for various reasons. However, with the new technology and techniques of laser tattoo removal, people can erase their past mistakes with ease. People often get their laser tattoo removal so as to get rid of their tattoos.
Laser technology, these days is the most common technique for removing unwanted tattoos. In the laser tattoo removal, the tattoo is targeted using highly concentrated rays of the coloured laser light. This laser light goes into the outer layer of the skin only and it is only the ink which absorbs the light and therefore the surrounding skin remains unaffected.
In the laser tattoo removal procedure, the ink of the tattoo is destroyed into small fragments. These small fragments of ink then get carried away in the body by the immune system on its own. A typical laser tattoo removal treatment takes about 3-10 sessions. After the treatment, the tattoo gets removed completely.
The exact number of treatments required by an individual differs. The number of treatments required depends on the location, size, colour and depth of the tattoo of the individual. However, you must not be in a hurry to get rid of the tattoo and all the treatment appointments must be 6-8 weeks apart at least. This is because the body needs time to remove all the ink fragments which come out after every treatment. Every session takes anywhere around 10-30 minutes.
There are at present 3 different types of lasers which are used for the process of tattoo removal. The kind of laser to be used depends on the skin colour and the colour of the ink of the person. Dermalife,a renowned skin care clinic provides one of the best laser tattoo removal in Delhi .Click here:- http://www.dermalife.co.in/treatment-details/tattoo-removal
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