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Improving the Quality Of Life- Various Services Provided By Relief India Trust

New Delhi, Delhi - 01 Aug, 2013


Relief India is a non-profit organization whose main objective is to facilitate a better quality of life in all spheres of life. This is mainly achieved through community mobilization and participation in governance among others. There are many challenges facing the society or specific individuals in the society. The only way out is to come up with strategies to help such individuals because it is quite difficult for them to do it on their own. The major areas of concern by the Relief India Trust are such as education, health, community participation, protection and promotion of environment through various activities.

• Organ donation awareness campaign by Relief India Trust

Several members of the group take part in the nationwide organ donation campaign seeking willing individuals to donate crucial organs to the needy individuals. Such organs as kidneys, blood among others are usually needed in various hospitals to help patients with complications without help. People are usually asked to come forward to save lives by donating any organ. This is a humanly activity that is targeted at saving more lives rather than letting them die when a solution can be found.

• Disability checkup camps by relief India trust

There are several individual with disability disorders in the rural and slum areas but not able to seek medical checkups as required. Relief India Trust organizes for such checkups and provide counseling and guidance that makes the affected individuals feel as part of the society. Usually poor and disabled people in any society feel isolated as they keep on suffering from their mental and physical problems. All such cases are enrolled with the Relief India Trust for future medical checkups from time to time. Free medical consultancy is provided to such individuals in the society. Children with disabilities are also part of the health checkup processes that are carried out regularly at different places.

• Rehabilitation center

There are individual cases with special concerns such as addiction to alcoholism and drug use. Such individuals will be cleaned of their systems of any drugs available in the blood stream. There is a competent team of doctors specialized in various medical complications to take care of every single demand in the rehabilitation center.

• Education

Children from poor backgrounds such as slums are usually faced with this challenge where they are forced to drop out of school and later find themselves in poor working conditions where they are not able to sustain their daily needs. Schools have been opened up for such kids to learn for free in order to gain the knowledge and skills that they will use to earn a living later in life. Poverty is a disease to many people but education has proved to be the only solution to enable such children break out of it. Learning in higher institutions guarantees an individual a good job that will pay them well to sustain their families.

Relief India Trust is a renowned NGO that has offered immense support to the needy in society promoting better living conditions for them.

Relief Trust
D-22, Sector 3,Near Shiv Mandir,
Noida (U.P.)- 201301
Speak to Doctor:- +(91)-(120)-4258313
Speak to a Volunteer:- (Toll free)-18001031777,+(91)-9810102897
Email: enquiry@reliefindiatrust.org / contact@reliefindiatrust.org
Website : http://www.reliefindiatrust.org

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