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New Delhi, Delhi - 19 Sep, 2016
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One of the growing menance in Indian courts are the matters related to cheque-bounce. It has been made a criminal offence so that trust and equity is maintained in the transactions arrived between the parties. It may be made on account of insufficiency of funds or due to stop-payment made by the drawer. One of the main aspects which requires due consideration is the jurisdiction of the court.Guilt persons can be punished with imprisonment for ["a term which may extend to two year"], or with fine which may extend to twice the amount of the cheque, or with both.

We have lawyers in different courts for the recoveries that are monitored and immediately placed in the asset side of the account books of the creditors. Under such stringent, cut throat and high-pressure environment, there is accountability on our part to keep their clients satisfied, therefore such aggressive and legal methods are employed for pursuing the matters in the court for quick recoveries.

Your litigation case will be looked after by an experienced counsel at our office. The advocate will be a friend upon whom you can rely not only for the comprehensive nature of the matter but also for the guidance and support which you require from us. We are proud of the dedication and attention which we give to our clients for the success of the matters in the courts.

A cheque is said to be dishonored or bounced when it is presented for payment to a bank but it is not paid because of some reason or the other.

The following can be the reasons for bouncing of a cheque in India:

Signature is not matching
There is overwriting in the cheque
Cheque was presented after lapse of six months, i.e. after the cheque has expired
Account was closed
Insufficient funds in the account
Payment stopped by the account holder
Opening balance insufficient
Disparity in the words and figures mentioned on the cheque
In case the cheque is issued by a company, the same does not bear the seal of the company
Mismatch in account number
In case of joint account where both signatures are required, only one sign is there
Death of the customer
Insolvency of the customer
Insanity of the customer
On the order of the garnishee
Crossed cheque
When a cheque is issued against the rules of trust
Alteration in cheque
Doubt in genuineness of the cheque
Presented at the wrong branch
Crossing limit of overdraft (OD)

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