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Canada and Australia Immigration in Delhi Call@+91-11-41614300

New Delhi, Delhi - 10 Oct, 2017
  • Canada and Australia Immigration in Delhi Call@+91-11-41614300
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Best reasons to immigrate to Canada:

1. Canada is one of the best Countries to live in the world because of many reasons. It has high ratio of foreign born citizen and being technology based economy

there is highly demand for skilled immigrants.

2. Canada is the second largest Country in this World and it’s a beautiful place surrounded with beautiful places and lakes with a clean environment. Also you can

enjoy four different Canadian seasons including winter, spring, summer and fall.

3. Canada is a free and tolerant Country and rated as one of the safest Country in the World.

4. Permanent residence holders of Canada can avail social benefits and securities

5. Canadian education system is very strong. Provinces and territorial Governments run their own Schools and Parents can choose free public school for their

children’s as well.

6. You will have right to life, liberty, personal security and benefits as from the day you arrive in Canada on PR, Canadian Constitution protects you.

Best reasons to immigrate to Australia:

1. Australia is fabulous Country the quality of life in Australia is very high, for them time with family and friends is very important and in fact the lifestyle

is very much relaxed.

2. The climate and landscape of Australia is really stunning and this Country has pleasant climate with mild winters and warm to hot summers. The most beautiful

varied scenery of Australia attracts thousands of tourists and residents from various Countries.

3. Australia has the lowest population density with very low unemployment rate. Despite the Country’s healthy economy, the Country is still addressing a problem

which is a skills shortage in many professional occupations. This is why the eligible applicants can apply for Skilled based PR programs and secure employment in the


4. Australia has a high standard of education. Primary and secondary schools run by the government are free and education in these levels is compulsory for all

the Australians

5. Australian PR holders can receive social benefits and securities along with subsidized education system for their children dependents.

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