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Axles shafts are used to transfer power to the drive wheels. Axle shaft goes from the differential in the center of the axle to each rear wheels. Axle shaft is a very tough part which tranfer torque from the engine to the wheels to move the vehicle. The lifespan of axle shafts is totally depend upon the type of raw material used and the process through which it is passed. When it comes to axle shafts,
standard quality axle shafts should always be considered.

Talbros Engineering is among the leading manufacturers of rear axle shafts used in on-road and off-road vehicle segment in India. We manufacture and supply a diverse range of rear axle shafts, for vehicles of various segment. Talbros has given itself the task of ensuring safety of the lives and properties of their clients. We are tusted as a reliable source to engineering products that provide optimum performance. We are highly committed to provide our customers best quality and flawless industrial products that are competitive in price and high in quality.
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Connaught Place, New Delhi, Delhi

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