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New Delhi, Delhi - 11 Aug, 2018
  • Best Diet Clinic in Delhi


Take your first step to goodwill and start practicing a healthy diet today. A healthy eating is all you need to develop that will help you stay healthy mentally, physically and spiritually, and keeps you energetic and active throughout the day. Slimage Diet clinic helps you organize your regular diet plans and make sure that you eat healthily and stay fit.

Their services mostly include Weight loss diet, Weight gain diet, Lactation Diet, Diet for Thyroid, Diet for Arthritis, Pregnancy diet, Diet for diabetes, PCOD, Diet for Constipation, Diet for children, Diet for elderly, Diet for Insomnia, Diet for cholesterol etc. Join the Slimage Diet Clinic, eat healthily and stay safe.

To know more about our services specifications, visit here: http://slimage.in/

Contact Us:

Road No.15, House No 06,
First floor,
Punjabi Bagh extn.,
Behind Bikanerwala,
Mobile: +(91)-9999862141, 9999862148
Phone: +(011)-4509 6552
Email: contactus@slimage.in

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