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The process of creating objects of the different cross-sectional profile is known as extrusion. The heated raw material is forced through the pre-designed set of dying by using pressure and heat. The raw aluminum has the shape of a cylinder. The cylindrical way and its 20 feet long with varying diameter. The diameter depends on the requirement of the aluminum extrusion manufacturer India. Steps are involved in the extrusion, and the process is carried out stepwise. Extrusion process makes use of the aluminum property of the ductility and malleability. These characteristics help the aluminum metal to cast and transformed into the various profile easily.


Preheating of the aluminum

Based on the specification of the products to be formed the raw aluminum is cut into the desired length. The raw aluminum is also known as billet, and for the aluminum extrusion process, the billet is heated into the tunnel heater over 900-degree Fahrenheit. The temperature on which the metal is heated depends on the property of the objects which is to be formed. The aluminum extrusion manufacturer India cast the alloy according to the different profiles.

Coating and cooling

After the heating step of the metal, the coating is done. The lubricant is coated to prevent the striking features. Metal is placed on the cradle, and depending on the characteristics the set of dies are put online. The High, different pressure of 1600 tonne is applied. The amount of strength of the aluminum extrusion process depends on the aluminum extrusion manufacturer India, what products they have to transform the metal into.

After coating the metal is cooled for the distractibility. The ductility property of the aluminum makes the metal easy for casting. The air pressure and al the other factor depend on the manufacturer of what the demands.

The aluminum extrusion process is done to get the objects of different characteristics, and specific steps follow this


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