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29th Annual World Congress & Expo on Dental Medicine & Dentistry

New Delhi, Delhi - 20 Jan, 2017
  • 29th Annual World Congress & Expo on Dental Medicine & Dentistry
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29th Annual World Congress & Expo on Dental Medicine & Dentistry is organized by Conferenceseries LLC and would be held during October 16 - 18, 2017 at Crowne Plaza JFK Airport New York City, 138-10 135th Ave, Jamaica, NY 11436, USA. The target audience for this medical event is basically for Dentists.

The subject of the conference is around "Meeting the growing demands of the evolving world of dental science". Dental Conference 2017 to improve oral wellbeing results, dental experts and organization structures need to develop their inside to address, in an orderly way, people wellbeing issues, for instance, the headway of a dentally stable lifestyle and practices in children’s, and the early conspicuous evidence and treatment of oral wellbeing issues. This obliges a more conspicuous gathering approach within dental take a shot at, including general and powers dental masters and other oral wellbeing specialists. So the meeting will be helpful to review these suspicions with confirmation that there are different opportunities to enhance use of the distinctive people from the oral wellbeing workforce.

Conference Highlights:

1. Oral Microbiology and Pathology
2. Digital Dentistry
3. Oral Cancer
4. Orthodontics
5. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
6. Restorative Dentistry
7. Periodontics
8. Cosmetic Dentistry
9. Endodontics
10. Prosthodontics
11. Dental Marketing
12. Dental Sleep Medicine
13. Preventive & Operative dentistry
14. Dental Hygiene
15. Advanced research in pediatric dentistry

For more details please visit: http://dentalmedicine.conferenceseries.com/