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Green wall system

Nashik, Maharashtra - 17 Jul, 2018


A green wall is amazingly space proficient. They can be setup on virtually any vertical surface up to an incline of 90 degrees. Living green walls are additionally requires very low maintenance. Since vertical green wall system are setup in various areas(inside and outside, open and private). Numerous living walls even feature basic layouts that limit the development of the plants; your chosen plants will always remain the size you want them. With all the time you would spend pruning, weeding, or for the most part caring for a regular garden, for what reason not build up a vertical garden? Several plant species are tried for compatibility with any green wall system on the market. By and by there's no inspiration to put off that individual herb garden.
Greenwall are continuously working on idea of vertical gardens and coming up with new varieties to add in the vertical garden family.

Telephone: 09921324365, 0253 2342121
Website: http://www.greenwall.co.in/

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