Work at Home

Internet Based Work as Part Time

Mysore, Karnataka - 22 Mar, 2019
  • tfgvacatinos


1. Don't change any thing in description of selected post title.
2. Your per day post limit is 300. All excess post for same day will be rejected.
3. Your can post maximum 25 ad at a single website during a montly cycle. More than 25 post at a website will be rejected.
4. Make sure to choose same city in your panel which you select at the time ad posting on websites.
5. Your selected category & sub category must match in ad posting websites. In case of not available any category or sub categoy, then select Other option at your portal and choose our business related category/sub category at websites.
6. Choose such type of website/s which have image upload option. You must be upload atleast one image.
7. Make sure to your name and other details must be match with the details of ad posting on websites.
8. In case of ignorance of above points, your ad may be rejected.

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