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Mumbai City, Maharashtra - 20 Feb, 2018
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A rich and stunning red paithani with contrast dual color borders from Indian wedding sarees collection. Tiny flower shape golden buttis are woven all over the saree.
Indian wedding sarees : Rs.18600.00 or $310.00

A stunning golden peach designer paithani with rich double muniya border on one side and triple border on the other. The equally stunning pallu flaunts a colourful combination peacocks and floral designs on a rich tissue base. The golden pollka dot buttis are woven all over the saree.
Silk handloom sarees : Rs.21000.00 or $350.00

A stunning peacock blue paithani with contrast purple borders. Intricate flower buttis is woven all over saree. An intricate pallu of peacocks and other traditional motifs.
Indian handloom sarees : Rs.15,780.00 or $263.00

A classic black paithani with contrast red borders. Beautiful meenakari peacock buttis are woven all over the saree and add a hint of red matching to the border. A lovely pallu to match.
Handloom sarees manufacturers : Rs.16,680.00 or $278.00

For more information visit : OnlyPaithani.com

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