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Quality driven folding walking seats - Kosmochem

Mumbai City, MaharashtraShow Map - 21 Oct, 2019


If you are looking for a safe and secure walking aid for the elderly then look for walking stick with seats at Kosmochem online store. We are one of the topmost suppliers of home healthcare products and other hospital consumables designed specifically to meet elderly requirements.

Our folding walking sticks are highly durable and provide dual support. They provide comfortable seating arrangement when open and safe walking aid while in an open frame. The stick and the aligned seat is made from highly durable and sturdy material which last for long.

If you have an elderly at home then having folding walking sticks can provide the necessary support for daily activities like walking or moving from one room to another. The stick with seats comes in various designs and materials. The use of these sticks with seat is not only limited to senior citizens and can also be used by birdwatchers or any other person.

Call on 02241031070 for details.


Mumbai City, Maharashtra

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