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Conventionally, screens are stretched using the index finger and thumb or the fist or using a wide pliers. First, two adjacent sides are fixed, with minimum or no stretching at all. Thereafter, the remaining two sides are stretched and fixed. Atrocious! The result is, an uneven screen with rows of tight and loose lines throughout. Worst still, even all the tight lines could have variations! Furthermore, once nailed and fixed, any error noticed, cannot be rectified.

Another important fact - when any fabric is stretched once and fixed, it is bound to gradually expand and loosen while printing ~ it will also react erratically, after washing and drying the 'expose'. Noticeably, the last piece printed will be visibly lower than the first. In multi-colour jobs, this will lead to an irreparable mess ~ plus, a nightmare for the printer and owner !!

Salron - Screen stretching device, based on the guitar principle ~ stretches the screen systematically from all four sides, giving you an evenly stretched, extremely tight screen - without tight & loose lines. The quality of the 'expose' will be great and printing will be excellent.

The Guitar principle allows multi-level stretching, the important feature pertaining to loosening of the screen, while printing. Multi-level stretching means, the screen is stretched three times, allowing a gap of five/ten minutes, for the tension of each fiber in the screen to even out. This feature, is indispensable for registration jobs, 4 colour jobs, & top quality printing, because the screen does not expand / loosen like conventionally stretched screens.

Manually it is impossible to stretch fabric and mount a frame perfectly as a machine can. To stretch the fabric two or three times, giving an intermediate break is just not possible manually.

The Device is dismantle-able and adjustable, to smugly fit any frame size allowing minimal wastage. It is a one man operation, thus saving man hours. Furthermore, it does not require continuity, and the stretching can be paused or even redone any number of times - without affecting the quality. Its unique and simple clamping operation saves the fabric from tearing, as could happen in conventional stretching.

The fabric is glued and not nailed to the frame, this increases the frame life and allows the use of metal frames which last longer.

We are confident, that our device will contribute in improving the quality of screen printing in general, and regain lost ground to offset printing !
Available Sizes :
20" x 20 = INR 9200/-
OR Custom Size. @ INR 115/- per running inch.

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