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Kosmochem- Best Supplier Rollator Walker Online

Mumbai City, Maharashtra - 04 Nov, 2019


Accessories like rollator walker or even a simple walker are quite important when you have elderly at your home. These walkers are available in different types such as simple rollator walker, rollator walker with seat, walker without rollators and more. At Kosmochem you can find a range of accessories for walkers.

We have foldable premium walkers in an aluminium frame. This provides the necessary strength to the walker which gives it a very good weight holding capacity of up to 100 kgs. These walkers come in padded seat assuring comfort and durability. There is also an attached backrest which is perfect for the elderly and patients to comfort their back while seating. The backrest is adjustable and you can move it vertically up and down to access it. There also comes a sturdy frame along with a basket where you can store any accessories or items.

To know more about available accessories for walkers call us on 02241031070 or Visit at https://www.kosmochem.com/ProductSearch.aspx?CID=220

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