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Hanger, space saver,space saving hanger

Mumbai City, Maharashtra - 07 Jul, 2014
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Hanger, space saver,space saving hanger
The Hanger is a new invention (Patent Pending), it overcomes shortcomings of existing hangers, offering multiple pegs, to hang wet or dry garments or objects. It occupies minimal space ~ while allowing the device to be extended, for convenience of viewing, retrieving and placing clothes or objects.
+ Hang 20 clothes / objects on one hanger.
+ The invention can take a dead weight load of 22 kgs.
+ Tangling of clothes or objects is avoided, as every level of pegs below is of a shorter length.
+ It has a tendency to remain closed, as it angles upwards when pulled open ~ thereby will remain in the closed position, by sheer gravity.
+ It offers an option for drying clothes, within the home - avoiding ugly strings outside the home or across the ceiling.
+ Another option is that it is easy to detach the device, and relocate it. Example, after wet clothes drip completely in the washroom, to its scheduled location.
+ Yet another option of the present invention, offers 'snap-on' hooks for the lowest pegs, enabling traditional hangers to be placed thereon. This is an "add-on" accessory, and can be ordered if desired.
Specifications :
Net Weight- 1.2 kg.
Height- 28 cms. ( 11" )
Width- 20 cms ( 8" )
Depth- 16 cms ( 26" )
Depth OPEN: 66 cms ( 26" )

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