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Buy Rare Western Kshatrapas Coins Online at Mintage World

Mumbai City, Maharashtra - 16 Nov, 2019
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The Western Kshatrapas Drachma was the coin issued during the Regime of Visvasimha II. The Western Kshatrapas coins were silver and round shape coins. These rare kshatrapas coins had the “bust of the king facing right and Saka Date (SE) behind the bust” on the front of the coin. The reverse of the coin had “three arched hill and a crescent above, a river or a wavy line below, left crescent, right sun and Brahmi Legend: Rajno Mahaksatrapasa Rudrasenaputrasa Rajnoh ( or Rajnah ) Ksatrapasa Visvasihasa.” You can now Buy Western Kshatrapas Drachma of Visvasimha II Online. All you need to do is visit Mintage world, where you can get this coin for a reasonable amount of Rs 2750.

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