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Best GPS Car Tracking mobile App

Mumbai City, Maharashtra - 30 Mar, 2017
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Traxilla is an indigenous GPS tracking system that enable real-time tracking of vehicles and It comes with a GPS tracker device and mobile application software.

school buses are equipped with Traxilla - GPS tracking devices, any information regarding delays or early arrivals will be updated on the map.The map shows the location of your child’s School bus stop pickup, the school destination, and other stops along the way.
Traxilla- GPS tracking device for car owners which can be set to notify the owner if the car is being or has been moved within 1 to 3 minutes.The car moves, a SMS text message will automatically be sent to your mobile phone allowing you to check on your car and alert the authorities if required. GPS car tracker is the ability to remotely disable the car movement.

Traxilla device and software sales price:
Device Cost =Rs4200+Tax
Software Subscription - Rs350+Tax per month
which includes sim card, Mobile app, web Application
Device Cost (One Time Investment)
1 Year Warranty

Seller information:
Name: AWATA Software Systems
Email Id: info@traxilla.com
Phone: 96000 04397