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A perfect love story "Flying without wings" by Mr. Rishabh Puri

Mumbai City, Maharashtra - 22 Dec, 2017
  • A perfect love story


Rishabh Puri Book: A Life-Threatening Heart Disease Didn’t Stop Me from Becoming an Author and Entrepreneur
From having several major surgeries at a young age to channelling all Rishabh Puri familiarities, faiths and joys into a Book Flying without wings that will help others in a similar condition — this is the journey of Rishabh Puri in Flying without wings.
I learned to nurture joy from a young age. It was either that or the option to give in to despair and consider my life to be over before it had even started. I was just six months old when I was diagnosed with Hyperlipidemia — a condition that leads to increased levels of any or all lipoprotiens in the blood. And then, at the age of 10, the discovery of a leak in the aortic valve of my heart sentenced me to an adolescence of surgeries and visits to the doctors. The outcome often looked grim. But I soon discovered that my outlook did not have to be a miserable one.

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