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Solar Water Pump

Ludhiana, Punjab - 15 Oct, 2019


Shinesolar Energy Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (SES) is a closely held private limited Company incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956 with a vision to play an active role in fulfilling the ever-increasing demand of sustainable energy. The Company has its registered office at Ludhiana and is promoted by Anil Sood (Learned Chartered Accountant). SES has been setup with the aim to deliver innovative, maintainable and cost-effective solution across the entire solar power value chain. Encouraged by the NRSE Policy, 2012 of the Punjab Govt. MNRE policies of Central Govt. and growth prospects of Renewable Energy sector, SES is now looking to expand its business across India.
Water your fields with the power of the sun and ‘SHINESOLAR ENERGY solutions Pvt. Ltd.’ product ‘Solar Water Pump’ which is highly demanded in our nation. It is a stand-alone pumping system that necessarily consists of SPV modules. SHINESOLAR’s solar water pump equipped with three major equipments. The pump uses the electricity generated by solar energy stored in solar panels to function. The electric motor is used to manage the AC or DC current and the controller is used to adjust the speed and output power. In the case of low light conditions, it contributes significantly to start the pump. It is a no-fuel product with easy installation and maintenance.

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