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Thiruvalla, Kollam, Kerala 689101Show Map - 20 Apr, 2020
  • 8,000 /Month Negotiable
  • Office Space
  • 300 Sq. ft
  • New


  • Furnished
  • Air Conditioning
  • Internet Connection
  • Elevator
  • Conference Room
  • Onsite Parking



A Complete Commercial Lease Specialist, Since 2015.

- 500 sq ft, R: 50/sq ft, D: 3L, MC Road, Thiruvalla
- 600 sq ft, R: 35/sq ft, D: 3L, MC Road, Thiruvalla
- 700 sq ft, R: 35/sq ft, D: 3L, MC Road, Thiruvalla
- 1,200 sq ft, R: 40/sq ft, D: 4.8L, MC Road, Thiruvalla
- 1,500x2 sq ft, R: 30/sq ft, D: 3L, MC Road, Thiruvalla
- 1,650 sq ft, R: 25/sq ft, D: 4L, MC Road, Thiruvalla
- 2,125-8,500 sq ft, R: 75/sq ft, D: 16L, MC Road, Thiruvalla
- 2,628 sq ft, R: 35/sq ft, D: 4L, MC Road, Thiruvalla
- 13,170 sq ft, R: 55/sq ft, D: 72.5L, MC Road, Thiruvalla
- 900-4,000 sq ft, R: 60/sq ft, D: 5.4L, TK Road, Thiruvalla
- 6,000 sq ft, R: 15-20/sq ft, D: 4.5L, TK Road, Thiruvalla


- 800 sf, R: 50/sf, D: 4L, MC Road, Thiruvalla
- 1,900 sf, R: 85/sf, D: 16.15L, MC Road, Thiruvalla
- 8,000 sf, R: 50/sf, D: 40L, MC Road, Thiruvalla
- 9,000 sf, R: 90/sf, D: 67L, MC Road, Thiruvalla
- 11,000 sf, R: 35/sf, D: 38.5L, TK Road, Vallamkulam
- 13,798 sf, R: 50/sf, D: 20L, MC Road, Chengannur
- 14,000 sf, R: 40/sf, D: 56L, MC Road, Thiruvalla
- 14,000 sf, R: 45/sf, D: 63L, MC Road, Thiruvalla
- 21,333 sf, R: 45/sf, D: 72L, MC Road, Thiruvalla
- 28,000 sf, R: 85/sf, D: 1.87C, MC Road, Thiruvalla

For further details and personalized visits, please call 0469 2745500

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About Keekkadan:

KEEKKADAN PM Pvt. Ltd., award-winning property management and real estate business services with established leadership and a global footprint. Our main aim is to deliver the highest quality services with the best possible return on investment for all commercial real estate investors. We pride ourselves in offering digital and technology solutions, whilst maintaining a high standard of competence and professionalism. The client experiences demonstrate our exceptional services, with integrity and trust.


Thiruvalla, Kollam, Kerala 689101

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