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Kolkata, West Bengal - 16 Jan, 2019
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To ensure satisfaction in the line of work for the tech-savvy professionals working around the globe to support computer network, protect customer data and make sure that companies successfully accomplish the job goals is utterly important. Spiceworks’ 2017 Tech Care Outlook published about the dissatisfaction of the IT professionals on the low pay scale and job satisfaction. It sector was however optimistic about growth in the years to come, most of the professionals were planning to capitalize on the favorable job market with a new job.
• 2019 is witnessing better job satisfaction but continuous to have low compensation for IT professionals. The millennial IT pros working in entry-level roles have more complaints on the pay scale than older professionals and baby boomers.
• Also, Research unveils that the IT pros have spent more than 40% of their career in their current company which means the old older a professional is, the more likely the will stay in the same organization.
• Taking about career switching: Data reveals that about 32 percent of IT professionals are planning to hunt for or actually accept a new IT job in 2019. Moreover, about 7 percent of the IT pros plan to opt for a career as an IT consultant or for another IT service provider. 5% of professionals plan to leave it industry altogether.

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