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Importance of a good resume

Kolkata, West Bengal - 24 Jan, 2019
  • Joblele
  • Full Time
  • Post Graduate
  • 1 - 2 years


The importance of a perfectly drafted resume cannot be stressed enough. It is perhaps the most critical document of your professional career and journey. The piece of paper is the first level screening for the recruiter to decide if you are eligible for further screening. On an average, it is an 8-10 seconds perusal of your resume that decides if you go forward or not. The professional resume thus needs to be modified and improved at regular intervals to make it the best version of itself with regard to form and content.
To ensure that you create the correct impact with your resume it is important to know that your focus to be equally divided between what needs to be written and how it is written. The voice tone, its style, font, layout, and language decides if your resume gets shortlisted or not. For every job application, the resume needs to be tweaked to address the key selection criteria, core skills, culture and team fit. The resume should be visually attractive and factually accurate. The writing needs to be concise, succinct, to the point with proper use of grammar, spelling and punctuation and the information stated should adequately emphasize on who you are, your professional experience and clearly demonstrate your professional growth.

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