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Full time Intensive English Language Course

Kolkata, West Bengal - 18 Nov, 2019
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Our full-time intensive English language program is absolutely suitable for the students, teachers, professors, corporate professionals, technical experts, senior managers and so on. The in-class course presents the possibility for your first-hand practice thus letting you grasp things without problems. The 3-4 weeks full-time course is apt for you if you are looking to achieve fluency in English communication proficiency.

Who can apply?

1. Beginners
2. Individuals from any sphere of life
3. People who would like to build up their English
4. Apt for the non-English speaking background learners
5. Students as well as professionals who don t have much knowledge in English

Pros of the Course:

1. Experienced and trained CELTA trainers
2. Certificate of completion at the end of the course
3. Master the art of communication and excel in your career
4. The course will aid you to build up your English successfully
5. The course will allow you to act in a more positive performance
6. The course will make you confident enough in English speaking
7. You will learn through different board games, role plays, visiting real time places

For more information about the course, visit:
https://www.asianschoolof english.com/intensive-english-prog

For all your queries, contact us at:
Contact: 9073678416
You can also call us on our Toll-Free number:
1800-212-6400 | 1800-212-6800 (India)
Email: act@asiancollegeofteacher s.com
Website: www.asianschoolofenglish. com

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