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Dispute Regarding Pension? Lahiri & Associates are there to Help

Kolkata, West Bengal - 25 Jun, 2016
  • Dispute Regarding Pension? Lahiri & Associates are there to Help
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If you are facing a problem regarding the dispatch of the pension and other issues and planning to knock the door of court, then you must seek a good lawyer for service matters. Lahiri and Associates have a vast experience in dealing service matter cases. Lahiri & Associates have lawyer in the central administrative tribunal, who can file the cases for the clients in the upper levels also. Service matter cases include a range of cases related to a service condition of a person who is serving under the government or union or the local authorities with India or under the areas controlled by Indian Government. Therefore, it is important to understand that on what ground a person can take the help of the service matter lawyer’s experts.
The dispute can be related to anything such as the remuneration or the pension or retirement benefits etc. If the person is unlawfully restricted from, getting his due promotion or seniority, or his is being forced to take premature retirement etc. even if the person is not being given the due leaves such as maternity or paternity leaves etc can also appeal to the court under the service matter provision of The Administrative Tribunals Act 1985. If the person is being held under any disciplinary matter unlawfully, he can also seek the help of the service matter lawyers. There are also several service matters that can be carried out under the service matter.
The lawyers of the firm are having an expertise in handling the different paper works and litigations. The lawyers pay a deep attention on hearing the case and then they prepare a vast paper work for the client and file the petition in the courts. The up to date research technology of the firm helps the client to get the justice in a proper manner. So if you have any kind of problems relating to the service matter you can surely come to Lahiri & Associates for the legal assistance.
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