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Kolkata, West Bengal - 07 Oct, 2017
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Oh my God! It was a month ago, when I was worried about my breast cancer. Though it was my last stage, the situation was very complicated. Oh I forgot to introduce myself. I AkritiTiwari from Delhi.I live with my Mom and Dad. My husband and my inlaws left me because of my breast cancer.
It was a very bad moment for me when nobody was with me. When I came in contact with a doctor of Delhi, he told me that it’s very essential to cut the breast otherwise the cancer cells will spread into whole body.

But as a lady, I was not ready for this tough task. I had no choice so, I opted for the surgery. It was very difficult for me to face the world with a single breast. I lost all my hopes and immediately searched for possible alternatives. May be someone can help me. I asked all of my friends and relatives if there is some way out. But I failed.

At last I decided to take the help of web. So I searched over the web without wasting my time, and finally got a ray of hope. A “Breast Prosthesis Clinic”. Yes a well established clinic of Kolkata named Artificial Eye Co, owned by DrSumitraAgarwal.

She herself is a female doctor and provides breast prosthesis - which is an artificial breast form that can be worn after a women’s breast is surgically removed. After hearing that, I was very much happy and gave a call to doctor. It was very difficult for me to go to Kolkata with a single breast. So, I ordered one. And with the help of DrSumitra I got to know all about the breast prosthesis types, surgery, what to do immediately after surgery, replacement of silicone breast prosthesis and so on.

She explained me very clearly and now I am very much happy to have a silicone breast prosthesis.Thanks a lot DrSumitra for helping me out.