Bulk email software

Khordha, Orissa - 14 Jul, 2017
  • Bulk email software


Bulk email software is a program, which includes all necessary features for successful email marketing campaigns. This tool will do all your works automatically once you assign it. It will become easy to maintain relations with your current customers and make new clients available to you.

Describing the main features of the software it is worth noting a so-called built-in SMTP server, which allows sending unlimited emails to your contacts lists.

Contacts lists management is very useful feature that allows performing different actions with email lists: subscribe/unsubscribe emails, remove duplicates, extract bounces, sort the contacts by name, etc.

Detailed reports after each sending will help you to evaluate the results of mailing and see how many messages were factually sent.

Tracking function is another awesome feature in the Bulk Mailer. This will show geographic localization of your recipients, amount of opens and clicks, and the date a recipient opened or clicked through in your email. Now there is no need to manually track every email sent to your customers, the tool flawlessly does the needful.

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