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The actual origination of Tanjore arts took place during the early 16th century under the Chola empire.

Tanjore arts highly flourished in the period of Tanjore Raju's and Madurai Naidu's between the period of 17th and 18th century.

Even though the Naidu's, Raju's and Marathas got originated from different regions of India, still they developed the artistic value of Tanjore paintings and arts due to its unique and attractive nature.

The wooden planks found to be the core base used for creating Tanjore arts and paintings and termed as "Palagai Padam" (Palagai- wood and Padam- art/painting).

Right from its inception, the Tanjore art was found to be highly unique due to the usage of:

Rich Gesso crafts

Gold foil

Unique Gems

Detailed Jewellery work

panel Paintings on Wood

Inlay of Glass Beads

Most of the artworks and paintings will carry out the theme of Hindu Gods and Goddesses and also some saints from ancient times.

The contribution of King Sarfoji (ruled between 1798-1832) is identical where he highly popularized this artistic work.

Primary materials used in this artwork are Glass, Wood, Mica, Murals, Ivory, and Manuscripts.

Address: Old No: 18, Duraiswamy Road, T.Nagar, Chennai-17
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St Thomas Mount, Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu

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