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blue and golden macaw

Jaipur, Rajasthan - 16 Jan, 2019
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Beautiful 10 month old female macaw for sale very playfull bird and loves to socialise with both male and female trust me when i come home he says hiiii and hello also when i pit my hand up and say come on he instantly comes and he also repeats the word come on he has a very large cage but

He likes sitting by the window and has his hyper time and he is very playfull and extreamly cuddly he still acts like a baby. And turns upside down when u tickle under his wings he like to eat porrige about once a week but dont mucrowave it i use hot water and he eats it like a baby literally. He is so cute. I am very sad to sell this bird as he always makes us all happy but due to unforeseen circumstances it looks like we have to give him away to a loving home. He really likes sleeping on top of us and he needs a lot of iitime so its better if u spend a lot of time at home. His remaining food will also follow.
Please dont offer silly offers cuz im already upset selling him.

Call for more info he is a pet not for aviary or to be put aside he needs time and a loving family preferably with young children.

Depending on the person i can lower the price. Thank you

I can send you pictures upon request and amazing videos of him dancing etc
He also loves to sing and hes well on our timetable he comes outside with me everywhere honestly he is my best friend its going to be really sad to see him go

Has all certifications dna and hatching.

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