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Indore, Madhya Pradesh - 14 Nov, 2018


Sewa Bharti Malwa is one of the top NGOs in India that work towards helping those people who have suffered some natural or artificial calamity. They might be in need of proper food, shelter and clothes. NGOs that work with such targets attend the situation and provide these people with proper food, shelter and clothing by raising funds through various events and activities. They even collect old clothes from people and give it to those people who are in need of it. As at such situations, the government would also be taking various measures to help the people, these NGO volunteer themselves and try to be helpful to the government in executing the program.

Address: 34,Tilak Path, (Behind Nagpur Nagarik Sahakari Bank Limited) Rambagh, Indore -452007
Phone Office : 0731-2548483
Mobile & Whatsapp: 8989822899
E-mail: sewabhartimalwaprantmp@gmail.com

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