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Water Softener Suppliers for Aqua Hatcheries in Hyderabad

Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh - 2 days ago


ALKARA water conditioner with GERMAN Technology gives best solution to the problems of hard water.
Alkara is well-known 25years Experience Company. We have supplied to high profile Domestic & Commercial segments leading Builders, Hotels, Resorts, Apartments, Villas & Homes.
ALKARA technical experts visit your place and give you the right inputs which suits your water needs whether it is commercial or residential.

• Avoids maintenance problems. Saves money and time. Allows better water flow.
• Alkara treated water encourages Fast Healthy growth of prawns, shrimps and fish.
• Increases count, weight and taste. Prevents diseases.
• Clear and clean pond bottom. Prevents algae and smell.
• Increases dissolved oxygen, Decreases the use of Aeration. Saves Electricity.
• Revitalizes ponds health without expensive pesticides and herbicides.
• Oxygen concentration and stocking density increases upto 200%.
• Decreases mortality rate. Improves feed conversion ration.
• Prevents and Removes scale formation, blockages from water pipes and sprinklers.

Note: Price depends on the pipe size of respective site.
Basic Unit Price 3/4 inch - 29736/-
For Further details:-
Please Visit: www.alkara.in
Contact: 09399936356

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