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Second Best Residential School In Andhra Pradesh | Best Andhra Pradesh Residential Schools

Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh - 13 Sep, 2019


we are one of the best schools of Hyderabad Community service programmes at TRIO teach our children to think beyond their own lives and also help them develop a well-rounded personality. We help them to assimilate human-centric skills, knowledge and attitudes in the classroom, through which they can positively influence the lives of people beyond the school walls. Our community service programmes are designed to encourage civic responsibility and provide credible, significant service to the community. Having such a direct influence on the community at large establishes the sense that their efforts are necessary, valuable and recognized. Community Service is given the same amount of reverence, attention and efforts as is given to other activities in school like academics and sports. Such programmes aim to turn children into confident, compassionate and quick thinking leaders. It also cultivates bonding, camaraderie and teamwork. Children can discover their hidden talents and experience the joys of giving.

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