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Aircraft Simulator Training

Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh - 19 Jun, 2018


A career in aviation requires proper guidance, practical training, technical support, talented trainers and many more. It is not an easy job hence only a few succeed to achieve their goal an there are many hurdles in the field. To get all these facilities in one academy is rare and we at RG Aviation have all these facilities. Our trainers have 20+ years of experience in training the candidates with world-class standards. Our academy possesses fully established infrastructure, simulators, training facilities, Cessna air flights, especially for training purpose. A DGCA certification would be provided once the candidate clears the training which would help them placed in top airlines. The Aircraft Simulator Training is given using our simulators which would leave a lifetime experience of learning to our candidates. We have collaborated with international airlines and are the only non-airliner academy which handles this simulator course.
If you have a knowledge of maintaining turbine engine aircraft, you can take up this course to gain more knowledge. There are three levels in this course which include general familiarization, ramp, and dispatch, base maintenance. So, achieve your dreams just join RG Aviation. Explore other courses offered by our academy by visiting our website www.rgaviation.com.

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