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Sector 10A, Gurgaon, HaryanaShow Map - 13 Feb, 2020


As we age, line and wrinkles develop on our face due to attachment of facial muscles to underline skin. Facial Muscles are also known as expression muscles. Our emotions are directly depicted on our face as facial gestures even if we do not show anyone about our expressions. There are two types of wrinkles: one is dynamic and the other one is static. Dynamic lines result from sun damage, expressions or daily gestures of the face. Static lines are present all the times and are mainly due to aging while as dynamic lines are due to excessive sun frowning and expressions. At Royal Lush clinic, we are offering wrinkles treatment in South Delhi & Gurgaon by Delhi's one of the top dermatologist, Dr. Syed Nazim Hussain.

Website: https://www.drsyed.in/anti-wrinkle-treatment/

Clinic Address:
Gurugram (sector 47): Cloudine Hospital sector 47

Phone No- 9667866692


Sector 10A, Gurgaon, Haryana

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