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Ratri Chai- Best Night-time Tea to Relax Your Body

401, 4th Floor, Tower B, Global Business Park, MG Road, Gurgaon - 122002, Gurgaon, Haryana 122002 - 14 Feb, 2020


Stress, tension, and worries are part and parcel of life. People can’t put them off, but what they can do is get these issues removed by calming their body and mind. Ayurveda ascertains that relaxation is easily achievable with the herbs it provides. There are different herbs like Ashwangadha, Brahmi, Lemongrass which show tranquilizing, stress-relieving, memory strengthening, and digestive effects to the body.Ratri Chai, the best night-time tea relaxes and removes body aches, fatigue, and stress of mind & body, both. The herbal tea for sleep contains herbs like Shankhapushpi, Ashwagandha, Brahmi, and Lemongrass. IF you want to know more, contact us through below give details- https://tinyurl.com/tue4sv6

Contact Number: - 0124 4794400.
Address: - 401, 4th Floor, Tower B, Global Business Park, MG Road, Gurgaon - 122002
Email Id: - info@butterflyayurveda.com

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