How To Broadcast Live On Facebook

Gurgaon, Haryana - 17 Mar, 2018


Dreamcast is a broadcasting and live-video stream service provider. With our presence across the globe, our forte is webcasting services and video streaming services. We tender our clients with accelerated connecting and transmitting speed for video and on-demand broadcasting. With Dreamcast, it’s easy and it is rapid. We are proficient in the provision of fully enabled live streaming videos services and on-demand video streaming services. Sign up on our platform and begin streaming within minutes on a platform like Facebook and learn how easy we make it broadcast live on Facebook. We allow video and/or audio streaming seamlessly without any geographical glitches. We at Dreamcast etch the world of webcasting and live and on-demand webcast for you. Our aim is to preserve intellectual content delivered over varied forums, symposiums and events and to make it available for the masses.

For Booking Event Link# https://www.dreamcast.in/getstarted.php

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