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Leading Manufacturer of EPS Geofoam for Slope Stabilization in India

Gautam Buddha Nagar, Uttar Pradesh - 11 Oct, 2019


EPS Geofoam is used in geotechnical applications such as lightweight fill for construction on soft ground, for slope stabilization, and retaining wall or abutment back-fill; as well as for roadway and runway sub-grade insulation and foundation insulation.

EPACK India provides Geofoam using Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) in the form of flat insulation, tapered insulation and block insulation. EPS Geofoam is a lightweight closed cell rigid foam insulation used in a wide variety of geotechnical applications. Geofoam can be used for slope stabilization, pavement insulation, road embankments, retaining walls, abutment backfill, roadway sound barriers, foundation fill plaza decks, levees, dikes, landscaping berms, utility protection, frost protection, stadium seating, foundations, green roofs, cold storage, construction fills, tunnels, pool infils and decks, garden decks, and even recreation forms such as mini-golf, obstacle courses, racing and ice rinks. Geofoam is an engineered light weight fill designed to reduce loading.

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