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Bellabeat LEAF Activity Tracker

East Garo Hills, Meghalaya - 28 Dec, 2016
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  • Bellabeat LEAF Activity Tracker
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• Breathing - by tracking your breathing during breathing exercises, the LEAF helps you manage and relieve stress, increase focus and fall asleep easily
• Sleep - logs the quantity and quality of your sleep and provides guidance on how to get most rest from the hours you've slept
• Activity - logs all the movement throughout the day and advises you on how to optimize your daily activity
• Monthly cycles - tracks period and ovulation cycles to know everything about your reproductive health in correlation with every other aspect of your health
• Smart alarm - wakes you gently in the morning or can be set with customized activity alerts
If you want then visit the page : http://ithealthfitness.com/bellabeat-leaf-activity-tracker.dit/

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