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Trademark registration Chennai, Company Registration In Chennai

Chennai, Tamil Nadu - 25 Oct, 2016
  • Trademark registration Chennai, Company Registration In Chennai
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Intellectual Property Rights Services in Chennai

An Individual or an organization that has created something unique and new is given the Intellectual Property Rights. These rights help the manufactures for reselling or being used by any other person. Obtaining this Right allows social and Economic growth.
Intellectual Property Rights is saved under Trade Act of Intellectual Property Rights. IPR consist of Patent, Trademark, Copyright and Design Patent.
Patent: Patent Right ensures hold on the Research and Development Invention made. Without obtaining the Patent Right for the novel invention it will be difficult for the invention to be broadcasted. Thus patenting the invented product ensures Monopoly and refrains us from keeping the secretive.
Trademark: Trademark Rights ensures identification of goods helping the manufacturer to advertise his goods with utmost rights which make the final consumer feel happy about the product. The only notable Point for Trademark Right is that the Product should not be similar with any other Product and being novel ensures fast registration.
Copyright: Copyright ensures safeguard shield for all Artistic, Dramatic, Musical, and Literature Published and Unpublished works and thus ensures more output from them. Otherwise we can also say that Copyright ensures Economical and Social Development of our Nation.
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