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Swadha Green HVAC Savings up to 70 % on each unit 30% overall building

Chennai, Tamil Nadu - 08 Dec, 2017
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Dear Sir / Madam,


For more details, contact Sreejith @ 8943021886

I am happy to send you a brief note on our work.

The problem of high energy consumption, unbalanced cold air distribution and cooling of unoccupied zone in centralised air conditioning building is well known and quiet evident.
Your buildings are wasting energy and causing productivity loss. It is time to save energy and increase productivity. Therefore, have decentalised Air Con in centralised Air Con system.

Yes, Swadha has the solution for it. With its tireless efforts of R&D over the past 5 years in association with IIT Madras, Swadha has come up with products that can provide solutions to all the above problems.

Our introduction: Swadha Energies is an IIT Madras RTBI incubated company, initiated at Chennai.We optimise the HVAC energy usgae of commercal buildings by ensuring:

1. Variable cooling / Tonnage AHU - as pr the heat load
2. Uniform cooling throughout the office
3. No cooling at unoccupied zone
4. Controlling chill water supply
5. Controlling AHU fan speed
6. End to End monitoring and control of the entire system from cloud
7. Air Quality management
8. End to end automation

Benefits of Swadha Green HVAC

 Complete automation resulting in decentralised AC in Centralised AC
 Savings up to 70 % on each unit, 30% overall building
 Provide more comfort resulting in more productivity
 Full visibility and monitoring through cloud

Some of our customers who are reaping the benefits of Swadha products with energy savings from 30-50% and moreover getting an option of decentralised aircon in centralised air con are mentioned for your reference.

1. Blue Star as our principle channel partner
HDFC head office Mumbai
Indian Bank head office Chennai
2. IIT Madras Research Park
Saint Gobain Research Centre
Incubation Cell
Food Court
Bio Incubator
3. Tata Communication, Pune

Here is also a short video that tells what we do: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=32RyOA8nb9Q&feature=youtu.be

I am also sending here an attachment that talks about our innovations. If you need anything more, please do not hesitate to ask .

For more details, contact Sreejith @ 8943021886

Looking forward to hear back from you.

Thank You
Swadha Energies P Ltd, India
IIT Madras, India
044-66469875 (10 AM to 5 PM)

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