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Sales Employee Tracking App

Chennai, Tamil Nadu - 07 Oct, 2017
  • Sales Employee Tracking App
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ManageTeamz Employee location tracking app is a cloud-based tracking software that will allow you to keep track of your on-site employee’s location. The application can be downloaded onto a smartphone so that it can easily be carried around anywhere.

ManageTeamz employee tracking software which benefits enterprises with large or small remote workers to optimally manage their workforce for better productivity and performance.

Key Advantages:

* Managers will be able to efficiently track the movement of the field agents
* GeoFencing for the route based
* As field agents will be able to log in their attendance using the tracking software, they don’t have to travel to the head office every day
* The work completion status can be directly updated on the software, which means that employees don’t have to travel back to office every day to submit their reports
* Work allotment can be directly updated on the tool, enhancing efficiency
* Manager will be able to track the work status of each and every member of the on-site team
* The manager will have a clear idea of the location of each and every employee on his team

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