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Chennai, Tamil Nadu - 19 Apr, 2017


Dear Sir/Ma

i got a contract for supplying a particular raw herbal seed product called Irvingia seed female class our research department told our manager that they require it again.

I got the dealer of this product in your country India from an old friend and I got the product the company are looking for @ a price of $1000 while I have told the manager that it cost $2000 and his in need of it now they are ready to send me too India with our purchasing agent to come and buy 500 packs of it and the manager declears that the dealer of this product should be able to present at list two of the product as a presentation sample before they will remitt the supply sum to him or her. As I mail with you they are ready to send us to India and I really want us to deal this together because the profit involved will be my profit which will be shared among us because i don't want the purchasing manager to know the main local dealer not to find out the main cost. I wish to present my own local dealer whom will secure the product from the main dealer and stand for me too sale it at the price i told them. It will be between we both as the manger never knew i got the main one they wanted at a lower cost of

All you need to do in India is just stand for me as the seller then I give you the contact of the vendor all you need to do is just to be able to buy out 2samples of the product then you qualified for me to present you to the purchasing manager that you are the main local dealer then the supplying sum will be paid to you upfront while we are in your custody so you can be able to provide the quantity they demand. The product is packed 500grams on each and the main cost is $1000 for the particular one they seek, then you buy two packs which is 1000grams for the presentation.

After this is successfully done, with all pleasure I will pronounce to our manager that my local dealer is ready and demand our arrive to India so he can make the presentation of the samples, and then sale to us the amount we need as soon as we wire the upfront sum to the amount needed. To let you know as agreed in our last meeting, we shall be the one to export the herbal dry seed product by our self and my dear these plans can only work out with the help of an India nationality whom I explained on what to do.

These completely risk free as am your insider because i don't want the agent whom will be sent along with me to know the main vendor who sell the raw herbal seeds not to know the main cost price because nobody in the company knows i bought it below the cost price i gave them.

Please if you can handle and control the qualification then success is ours in no time.

As soon as you are able to buy the two pack samples needed then that's all, we then hit to securing the contract supply as you have me as an insider and we will shear the profit among we both alone. Then I will guide you what to do next. If i can count on you, get back to me with the needed details such as your name in full address and your city in India how we can meet. Then I will furnish you with the vendor details and how to secure the product to your position in India and will guide you on what to say to the vendor.

After then I will give you our arrival details.

I will be so happy you help me out for our mutual benefit.

Email, mr.herbert_walter@yahoo.com